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Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy

Ashiatsu barefoot massage springs out of a simple idea -> the therapist uses the foot and bodyweight to generate deeper consistent pressure for therapeutic effect.  We've developed ashiatsu to new levels at Massage + Yoga with extra large extra padded custom tables more than 50% larger than conventional table to allow for any number of variations of body positioning, integrating stretches and shiatsu style techniques as needed.  We integrate our work with the use of infrared and steam sauna to make the body more pliable and use chemistry in the selections of salves, oils and creams so clients are less sore.  


Yoga & Stretch Therapy

Yoga Therapy & Classes

Yoga practice improves tone, strength and flexibility, cardiac health, balance, and body awareness.  Hatha Yoga Classes historically are taught to unify mind-body-spirit and we teach in a beginner friendly, non-competitive environment.  Our patterns of tension lead to myofascial pain and changing those patterns requires (1) establishing the neutral state (2) rewarding movement patterns that support a neutral spine (3) and a movement practice that integrates Whole Body movement for health.  Our combination of Restorative Positions, Therapeutic Movement, with Classical Hatha movements to elevate your health. 


Bellamommie Massage + Yoga

Bellamommie Maternity

Maternity Massage + Yoga requires extraordinary care and support and for mom and baby.  Massage + Yoga can reduce maternity stress and improve birth experiences, recovery times and bonding for mom postpartum. Our small classes provide the perfect setting for nurturing mom and baby.  Partners are always welcome.  Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful gift.   Owner Summer Greenlees, LMT won Austin's Best Pregnancy Massage Therapist 2011 and 2013 offering a unique experience to nurturing the mom during the childbearing years.  Please ask about creating a custom doula package for you and your family.  

Nutrition & Spa

Kiatsu Integrative Massage

Ki treatments offer a universal healing method for soft-tissue injury from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain.  Cultures throughout the world evolved pressure techniques such as acupressure and acupuncture to stimulate 'Ki', 'Chi', 'Qi', 'Prana', Vital Force for the body's blueprint of healing.  With sensitivity the therapist uses 'Ki' to precisely enhance recovery from painful difficult conditions and injuries multiplying the benefits of clinical massage methods including aromatherapy, myofascial release, deep tissue and stretch therapy.  Nutritional inputs for methylation, mitochondrial restore, nerve healing, digestive or hormonal support will greatly enhance outcomes.  We see that early intervention and rapid treatment greatly diminishes pain and lingering effects of injury.  Please inquire how Flex Plan, Health Account Savings or Personal Injury Insurance will cover.

Why Massage + Yoga?  Myofascial pain/tension/discomfort is BOTH a combination of tissue level change and theneurological patterns from lifetime of movement and interacting with your environment.  Culturally we have four main categories of restriction on the body -> footwear, chair, computer/mouse and the monitor/display & eyewear.  By combining Massage + Yoga work to release the tissue level pain and tension and revise the movement patterns and body-mechanics that unlock your REAL health.

Why is touch based therapy so profound?  Touch is our first communication with caregivers and the study of bodywork as a healing science has ancient roots in every culture throughout the world.  Massage + Yoga brings together insights of massage and yoga from around the world to unlock your potential for healing and health.  Let us help you with stress reduction, pain relief, deep relaxation, the changes of pregnancy, or injury recovery.

Why Customized Massage?  Based on our insights and practice we've developed advanced techniques to make each massage relevant to you.  We built custom massage and exercise equipment, sourced the best vendors for the most potent healing ingredients, buy our salves directly from the herbalist and our nutritional creams from a physician who researches healing potentials.  Every effort and expense is made to create a total process to support you.  We love what we do and the service it provides our community.

Why Yoga Therapy?  We work to help you meet your individual needs and wellness goals and how you can create a practice suited to you.  Our SMALL class sizes of 4-8 people provide a focused learning environment and scheduling online ensures reserving your class time for an experience of making yoga relevant to your individual needs.  We added massage techniques, tools, aromatherapy and thai massage to amplify the benefits or your class time.  All Equipment is provided and you're welcome to bring your own mat.  Please discuss with your instructor prior to class any of your physical concerns or needs.  

Michael and Summer - Massage + Yoga

About Us

Massage + Yoga Therapy offers a fusion of the world's best combinations of Massage and Yoga for pregnancy, fitness, pain and stress relief.  We offer professional services in our retail studio in North Austin.  We cannot sepaate therapy from therapist and our extraordinary staff will work with you compassionately and professionally.  Our approach is inventive and rigorous.  We go above and beyond for ways to improve our clients energy, sleep, pain, and mood.  We especially help clients dealing with extraordinary stress, injuries related to personal, work and sports activities, and those recovering from surgery and automobile accidents.  We have a therapist team specializing in pregnancy and all aspects of pregnancy and postpartum.  Our therapy model is a 'Wave' that includes massage, movement therapy, nutrition and compassionate coaching.  We also offer significant discounts for nurses and teachers and for birthdays.  We absolutely believe in our work and the benefits it offers for all ages.  Please contact us with any questions.

Thank you,
Summer & Michael

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Massage + Yoga makes a wonderful gift any occasion.  We can provide gift certificates as an email or printed certificate.  Gift certificates do not expire and may be redeemed at anytime by going online and selecting the 'redeem' option on the services menu.  You may purchase individual sessions or simply a credit towards services.  Please contact us for any questions to complete your order. NEW BABY GIFTS AVAILABLE.

Massage + Yoga packages available.

Please ask about customizing a package to your specific needs.

Birthdays with Massage + Yoga.  

Half off purchases available in the month of your birthday.  Please pass this on to friends.

Spa and Baby Shower Spa Parties Available

Corporate Outcall Chair/Table Massage Available

Rumble Roller

Yoga Gym

Yoga Gym offers mobilization methods using tools we've created in house and sourced like Rumble Roller, Beastie Ball and Rogue Voodoo Bands.  We provide the education to help avoid injury, manage recovery, release facial restrictions and improve mobility.  Any complaint will be explored! Back pain, weak ankles, neck strain, headaches and other common complaints will all be addressed in Yoga Gym.